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Cassandra Blass

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Find the potential dancer in you by joining us for Zumba® fitness!  Bring your two left feet to this awesome class and leave your worries at the door!  I break down the routines with easy to follow cueing and plenty of sweat.  The average calorie burn for this cardio dance class is 850, with some burning over 1000 calories per ONE hour class.  Sounds fantastic!  Join me at ANY OF my  Zumba® Fitness classes!  Let’s keep that summer body all year round!!!  From beginners to spicy dancing machines, all are welcome to my classes and events.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 607-205-8397.  If you have a question whether Zumba® is right for you, consult your physician before starting a new exercise regiment.  You can always modify the steps to your needs; many of my students do and still have a blast! To make your Zumba® class more enjoyable please wear comfy, supportive sneakers and easy to move in clothing. I recommend a towel, and refreshing hydration!!